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Hot Tub & Spa Covers

Best covers at the best prices 

  • Our hot tub covers have a thickness ranging from 3" up to 6" with a slight taper to assist in moisture and debris runoff.  Environmentally friendly CFC-free insulation with the highest density 1.5lb closed cell foam providing an insulation rating of up to R28 (depending on

  • the thickness you choose)

  • Manufactured right here in Canada using the best durable marine grade vinyl with UV & mildew inhibitors, The Cover Brother's covers will last for years.

  • Unlike our competitors, our covers come with a standard 6ml vapor barrier to help fight against water logging. Vapor barrier upgrades are also available for extra protection.

  • An aluminum channel running the entire length of the fold adds that extra strength and support.

  • Extra "C" channels are added for our durable walk-ons.

  • With extensive stitching throughout and extra reinforcing of critical areas, our covers have strength like no others.

  • Equipped with 4 lockable child safety straps to protect your loved ones and meeting all safety standards.


  • Our extensive make and model database will

  • guarantee a perfect fit every time. Just send us 

  • your specs and we'll do the rest.


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